As Paradise Falls return with “Bats”, first single from forthcoming EP “Madness/Medicine”

As Paradise Falls

“They laugh at me because I am different… I laugh at them because they are all the same…”¬†

Brisbane metal outfit As Paradise Falls (known commonly as APF) have released their first new music since 2020 in the shape of BATS. (aka Burn At The Stake). With a tumultuous history that would have seen the end of almost any band, APF have powered through the tragic loss of a band mate and the resulting exodus of most of their members to finally solidify as a formidable Two-Piece that has produced the future of Australian heavy music.

Taking influence from modern Grime & Hip-Hop and fusing it with some old school Deathcore and a futuristic outlook, APF have redefined what the Australian metal scene is capable of. Listen to Bats and see for yourself:

On the meaning behind the track, guitarist Danny Kenneally says: “BATS was written to mirror and reflect the current state of “cancel culture”. It was written to highlight the possibilities of serious consequences in a “trial of public opinion” type scenario, without fact or evidence in SOME cases, leading to irreparable damage to a persons character. Burn At The Stake looks at “cancel culture” through the lens of a New Age Witch Hunt, where a person has their entire body of work thrown out based on accusations alone and where conviction appears irrelevant.”

Vocalist Ravi Sherwell adds: “When I heard the demo of BATS for the first time in Danny’s home studio, I immediately knew this was going to have that dark, bouncy groove I could really blend with. Lyrics started flowing, mixing themes of witch trials/hunts with current issues¬†surrounding cancel culture. Without much conscious thought, BATS became the purest form of modern APF: hard hitting, oozing with groove and just bullshit heavy.”

The Madness/Medicine EP will be released on September 23. Pre orders available now –