Australian Premiere: Freddy And The Phantoms – Released new video “River Of Hate”

New single and official video from one of Denmark’s hardest touring rock bands. Taken from the album “A Universe From Nothing”, to be released in April 24th, this song features a guest solo from Danish legendary guitar player Soren Andersen.

“River Of Hate” is a picture of how politicians and the media feeds on promoting
fear, hatred and dividing people into us and them. Trump is the leader of the current movement – the king of lies and deceit
“, vocalist/guitarist Freddy Schnoor comments.

On Freddy And The Phantom’s fifth album, “A Universe From Nothing”, the band embark on a new epic chapter in the history they have been writing over the past decade. The door to the future is open and the band now finds itself in a dystopian and dangerous universe, where the threat of doom is constantly lurking in the shadows. There is no easy answer to the highly conceptual new album, which has been inspired by both Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time, and the world’s current climate crisis. These heavy themes have also resulted in a heavier and tougher musical expression. A musical transformation that has sent the band into a heavy and scifi-rock universe, but without leaving their basic DNA of blues music behind.

Frederik “Freddy” Schnoor – vocals, guitar
Rune René Hansen – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Anders Haahr – organ, keys, clavinet, mellotron, backing vocals
Mads Wilken – bass, backing vocals

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