Australian Premiere: GRUMPYNATORS – Released new video “Still Alive”

Photo credit: John “Johnson” Mortensson

“Still Alive” is the 2nd single and the title track on the 3rd album from Grumpynators, which is released in August.

Some of Grumpynators most dedicated fans might find this song a bit familiar, as Grumpynators have played it live a few times back in December and January 2019/2020.
It is a feel-good uptempo song that salutes:

  • Life in general and joyful moments
  • Everybody that create something, that isn’t motivated by money, but purely because they love it and can’t help doing it
  • The feeling you get when you, around half a century old, still play in a rock band with your best friends and still get the best feeling in the world when you are out playing live

It is basically an attempt to wake up the best memory you have of an all-night-long party, where you still haven’t had enough at sunrise.

Video by: Julie Montauk

Recorded, produced and mixed by Soren Andersen at Medley Studios, Copenhagen.

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Christian Nørgaard – Guitar
Jakob Øelund – Double Bass
Emil Øelund – Guitar + Vocals
Per Fisker – Drums