Australian Premiere: South Africa cosmic rockers Crash and The Void release debut single and video “The Cosmic Horror”

Crash And The Void
Photo Credit: Rome Loots

Crash and the Void is an experimental heavy rock band from Pretoria, South Africa. Founded in 2019 the quartet consists of two brothers: Marius Schutte on lead vocals (also boasting a music theory degree) and brother Lumar Schutte, a highly decorated session drummer. Completing the lineup is Waldo Van Der Linde on guitar + lead, and Dillon Van Heerden on bass guitar (and sound engineering). Crash & The Void’s collective influence ranges from Hans Zimmer to Black Sabbath.

The band infuse balls-to-the-wall rock and roll with B grade horror / sci-fi genres and debut single The Cosmic Horror! which releases today via Mongrel Records displays this perfectly.

“The Cosmic Horror! infuses real existential questions with fictional stories and explores what constructs our drives, thoughts and desires. Whether it be a god, meaning or a little bit of both” – Crash and The Void


Check out the single HERE.