Autarkh release first new track of upcoming album!


Dutch extreme metal outfit AUTARKH are now unveiling the very first track ‘Strife’, which is taken from the upcoming album “Emergent”. This new industrial offering will be released via Season of Mist underground activists on November 10, 2023. The intense, glitchy music video can now be viewed via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel.

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AUTARKH comments on the track: ”Strife shows a different direction we take on Emergent: a more straightforward approach where specific atmospheres rather than the density and intensity of Form In Motion are emphasized. Guitarist David Luiten has done an outstanding job writing this track.

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The remarkable guitar theme – that we reused in the AUTARKH III song Lost In Sight – captivated me instantly when I heard the original version (for a different project) in 2020, and led to this AUTARKH version that we are delighted to share with you today!’’

AUTARKH are also revealing the cover artwork and other album details of “Emergent”. All information can be found below.

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1. Open Focus (6:59)
2. Strife (5:23)
3. Duhkha (5:20)
4. Trek (5:26)
5. Refocus (4:49)
6. Aperture (1:46)
7. Eye Of Horus (4:23)
8. Countless Kaleidoscopes (5:17)
9. Ka (6:14)
Total: 45:37