Avalanche – Second Hand Band (Album Review)


Avalanche describe themselves as four misfits from Sydney’s west, playing electrifying, roof-crashing, piss off rock n’ roll for a new generation. Avalanche formed in 2018, rehearsing together in an old steel factory. Second Hand Band is their second EP after their debut EP Sent from Hell. 

Avalanche have already enjoyed early success with repeated airplay on 200+ national and international radio stations, Spotify playlists and podcasts. Upon listening to their new EP Second Hand Band I’m not surprised. 

In the first song Killer Instinct, you’re treated to a very catchy strong guitar riff that would make Angus Young jealous. The strong vocals, catchy riff and searing guitar solo make you want to put the song on repeat and blast while driving down the highway. 

With hard rock roots and their own flavour, Avalanche is to today’s generation what AC/DC was to the 70’s. They haven’t been around for long but have made a big splash in the industry and with fans by already having their music video of the titular song Second Hand Band premiere in Rolling Stone Australia.

With the release of Second Hand Band I see them only rising higher. The band as a whole is a unit that seems to only have one purpose and that is rock! 

The song that stands out to me is Permanent Ink. It is a fantastic conclusion to the EP and the band rocks out at the end giving you the vibe that they’re actually playing live. 

Recommended for fans of punk, rock and metal. 

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Sliptrick Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by HaychBee