Bayou – Bayou (Album Review)


4 piece stoner outfit from Perth

Hydrophonic Hallucinations opens the album with a minute of interesting ambiance. Then Leader of the Damned explodes with a stoner-type riff. This is just an outstanding song, and when I first heard it, I asked to review this album. The vocalist also shows quite a diverse range in his voice. He can sound like Chris Cornell in the more melodic moments, and a screaming beast when the guitar starts getting dirty. This is my favorite track (despite the others being very strong), and if someone says to you Australia can’t do this style, play them this song. After Dark tears, it up and the vocalist uses some clever dynamics in his voice for this one.

Barbiturate Blues is indeed a blues, and it’s a great one in a Zeppelin sort of way. Devils Dust is a bit more frantic and the band seems to find ways to instinctively meld together to maximize the strongest part of the song. Six weeks has a real Kyuss groove to it, and will definitely get the heads nodding.
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Scarlet Woman begins with a solid rock opening and has an organic feel to it. By organic, I mean it feels like human beings are playing it, instead of metronomes mixed within 1 nanosecond of a beat, and it benefits from sounding non–clinical. There can be a lot of pressure to be too perfect in the studio when by being just a little looser, the song gets a natural swing that some of the big three had (Zeppelin, Sabbath, Purple). Throwing Needles rounds us up, and is another killer rocking track, that I have already been tapping along to on my steering wheel.

The playing is not epically technical, but it reminds me of what memorable music is about – a group of people with some good ideas who are passionate about their craft. This is in my top 5 for Aussie releases this year and my top ten for overall releases.
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Bayou: Facebook

Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Matt