Assassin – Bestia Immundis (Album Review)

German Thrash metal Outfit Assassin first formed in 1984 in Dusseldorf and after being forced to disband in 1989 finally reunited in 2002 and continued to release albums since then. Their newest album and 6th full-length album Bestia Immundis adds in some punk, hardcore and speed metal influences to make their latest outing a heavier thrash album.

The album wastes no time, blasting your ears with the fast and explosive sound one would expect from a thrash album with the first track The Swamp Thing. The song starts with a quick but brutal guitar riff that is quickly joined by the rest of the instruments to set the tone of the song perfectly. The bombastic tone is accompanied by Ingo Bajoczak’s vocals that have a good amount of growl and grit but still retains an amount of clarity which is good as the lyrics to the song paints an interesting picture of the Swamp Thing inspired by the classic movie. Many other songs tackle social and political topics that I found added a layer of complexity to the songs, making for a more enjoyable listen.

The instrumentals on the album are very well executed too. Former Kreator and Sodom guitarist Frank Blackfire alongside Jurgen Scholz are both very tight on guitars, they are heavy, gritty, quick, and frantic playing all perfectly depending on what the song is calling for. The drums laid on by Bjorn Sondermann are a perfect complement to the guitars, keeping the pace alongside them but not doing anything out of the ordinary.
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The bass can be almost impossible to discern in the songs but often times the bass is used to help thicken the sound and set tempo; even so, it would have been good to hear Joachim Kremer’s bass come through the mix more clearly.

Songs such as The Swamp Thing, No More Lies, How Much can I take?, and The Killing Light were my high points on the album; with catchy choruses and riffs that show a great blend of the hardcore, punk and speed metal influences they drew from. The other songs on the album can be hit or miss, however, and the quick tempo can become tiring on the ears making me wish for some more compositional variation and varied vocal delivery.

Assassin has delivered a very good thrash album that is an enjoyable listen however it does little in terms of originality and some of the songs sound like thrash songs you have heard before. I would like to have seen more variation, but I would still recommend fans of thrash to give the album a listen as there are some bangers to be found here.
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Release Year: 2020
Label: Massacre Records
Category: Album
Country: Germany

Reviewed by Billy Poulopoulos