Enter 6 – Black Dolphin (Album Review)

Opening song Director threw me off at first as it just sounded like it shouldn’t have been the opener and may have been better-suited mid-album. While it does have some pretty cool riffs the production on it makes it sound like a backyard recording and I just couldn’t get into it.

Once the opener is over the sounds begin to pick up with Hate Blame being a thrashy hate-filled song whilst My Withering Hand adds a lot more groove to it. Track four Precious is a song that reminds me a little of old school Fear Factory with its Tremolo picking and double kick Madness. Then back to some more groove-driven thrash with Those Like Me and I Walk Alone.

Getting towards the tail end of the album and we get to my favourite track All For Nothing which is pure blackened thrash madness. Next up is Lost with some awesome riffs bound to get the energy flowing in a room full of metalheads. The second last song The Bitter End, however, was a bit all over the place and didn’t do a lot for me, although the bass line at the end sounded nice and fat. Final song Shame would have to come in a close second favourite and would have been a much better opening track.

Enter 6 did a great job on Black Dolphin with my only real complaints being that the production was a little lacklustre and the tracklisting. This is however was offset by some pretty damn good songwriting.

If you like your thrash with a touch of groove mixed with some blackened vocals give Black Dolphin a spin, you won’t be disappointed.

Release Year: 2019
Label: self-released
Category: album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Mitchell Peter