Black Lava Announce New Album with Devilish Single


Though they formed during the first trying year of the pandemic, BLACK LAVA erupted on their scorching debut. Now, just two years later, these Aussies are roaring back with more blackened heavy metal on The Savage Winds to Wisdom.

Watch the dark, devilish video for lead single
Ironclad Sarcophagus:

BLACK LAVA stir from the same cauldron of influences on The Savage Winds to Wisdom. Eerie, dissonant countermelodies and a hex of progressive rhythms boil together with sludgy, old-school death metal, spilling over into medieval fantasies. Carved from a harem of blast beats and one bone-crushing riff, Ironclad Sarcophagus conjures an ancient sorcerer.

“I try and stay true to the spirit of metal”, Rob Watkins says about crafting lyrics. “For this song, I pictured this ancient wizard sending out evil vibes into the world in hopes of tricking someone into opening his coffin”.

But while still crushingly heavy, Black Lava took more time to carefully conduct the mystical atmosphere that soaks through The Savage Winds to Wisdom. “Ironclad Sarcophagus” creaks open with foggy synths and slithering cymbals before a nasty groove drags it screaming from the grave. “The crypt echoes the ancient hymns“, Watkins warns before summoning another hellish growl.

“We took greater care in composing The Savage Winds to Wisdom“, says guitarist Ben Boyle. “This album has a real sense of balance that lends to repeat listens, while still staying true to what we set out to do: create heavy but anthemic tunes that tell a powerful story”.

The video for “Ironclad Sarcophagus” also has more layers than meets the eye. What appears to be another customarily Satanic metal video turns on a knife’s edge into something even more bloody and sinister.

The video for “Ironclad Sarcophagus” was filmed, directed and edited by Colin Jeffs. It was produced by Black Lava. The story was written by Ryan Pett.

Black Lava - The Savage Winds to Wisdom

1. Colour of Death (6:44)
2. Dark Legacy (4:08)
3. Wrapped in Filth (4:03)
4. Unsheathing Nightmares (4:45)
5. Summoning Shadows (6:03)
6. Ironclad Sarcophagus (4:08)
7. Pagan Dust (4:46)
8. Sanguis Lupus (5:21)
9. The Savage Winds to Wisdom (7:07)
Total runtime: 47:12