Machine Head – Bloodstone and Diamond (Album Review)

Once in a while a metal album comes along that is complete with all the elements that metalheads love, well, at least this one is. Machine Head’s new album has made me shiver with anticipation. Knowing their previous body of work and now listening to Bloodstones and Diamonds it is clear that Robb Flynn and the men have reached a pinnacle that is ever growing with each album release. It has a maturity with all the crucial parts we all love Machine Head for, the crunch of the guitars and the signature Machine Head pinch harmonics.

Opening out this opus is a multi violin piece then blasting into the first track Now we Die, this orchestral piece follows into the song creating a new layer into Machine Head’s already well-known style. Robb’s vocals are a constant stand out – I like the way he has experimented with his singing. He still has this aggression, we all know and love, but has taken it to a softer side expressing a different approach to Machine Head’s music and himself personally.

Next up is the lead single that was released a few months ago, Killers and Kings. This reminds me at least musically of Imperium; powerful and controlled aggression would be the way to explain how described this song. This will be a definite long-standing new inclusion into Machine Head’s live setlist.

One of the darkest tracks on the song is the song, Night of long Knives, this taking us into the blood-soaked realms of the “Family” of Charles Manson when he treks into the Hollywood Hills with his followers… what followed went into infamy forevermore. Charles and his followers have been topics of many songs before but not as heavy as this. Make up your own mind but all topics aren’t really off-limits, but it’s gutsy (pardon the pun) move to write about him.

Will this be a classic album in years to come?

Only time will tell – all I can say is that Machine Head has continued to push the boundaries of experimentation in modern metal – just listen to Sail into the Black and you will hear what I’m speaking of… vocally something the boys have never done before and then bludgeoning drums enter in to take us on a journey of sonic brutality.

I love this album and this will be my soundtrack for the summer. All hail Machine Fucking Head, this is a brilliant album that crushes all that stand in front of it!

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Release Year: 2014
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by  Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham