Boston instrumental prog-metal outfit Myth Of I release new single ‘The Expedition’

Myth Of I

Hailing from Boston, Myth of I is paving the way for the new wave of Instrumental Progressive Metal with the release of their new single ‘The Expedition‘. Featuring Lattermath frontman Eli Cutting whose striking performance adds a new dimension to Myth of I’s vibrant harmonic palette and grooving riffs.

The song kickstarts with an amalgam of heavy djent riffage and Cutting’s soaring vocals grabbing the listener’s attention from the get-go. Moving with purpose, each passage is meticulously curated with a multitude of time signature changes, myriad of layers, sounds and textures to keep their listeners engaged throughout this five-minute sonic odyssey. Showcasing exceptionally great songwriting and musicianship, the track is elevated by high-end production encompassing an exciting equilibrium of heaviness and purity

Having signed with the aggressive metal label, The Artisan Era in 2020, Myth of I released their debut full length album which garnered global airplay & coverage including Decibel Magazine, Metal Injection and more! Now with the release of ‘The Expedition’ Myth of I are eager to unleash their finest offering o