Brotthogg – The Die is Cast (Album Review)

Brotthog embodies death metal’s brutality in their latest release ‘The Die is Cast’. The elements of black, symphonic and thrash are harmoniously meshed in this musical masterpiece, making it an intriguing sensation for the ears.

The writing of each song is interesting at every moment, building and captivating as have slight tempo changes go from progressive, melodic, death to thrash in style. Guitar leads sing with a melodic sound/tone, achieving a seraphic feel which aligns nicely with the symphonic elements.
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The riffing and bass lines have a nice distorted quality, building intensity that evokes chaos through those intertwining rhythm and leads. The vocals are deep and harsh in style, barking out lyrics in fast tempo, and mastering melodic growls in that depth of despair slow grooves.
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The drumming is on point, providing those fast blast beats we all desire, with intricate drumming on parts to build energy and atmosphere.

‘The Die is Cast’ features well-written instrumentals with polished production, but not too polished, it still has the grit of underground death/thrash metal. I rate this extraordinary album 5 out of 5 roo’s, but instead of roos, let’s make it 5 unpleasant skulls.

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Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Norway

Reviewed by Alex