Cattle Decapitation (Brisbane, QLD)

13 February 2020 at The Tivoli

As the Sunshine State continues to rain down much needed drought breaking storms, this evening’s entertainment was thankfully moved from the outdoor stage of The Brightside into the Art Deco glory of the Tiv. 

First off the rank was Brisbanes own Descent. With the 5 piece lead by Anthony on Vox, Brendan & Josh on guitar, Jim on Bass & Kingsly on sticks we blasted the evening off to an epic start. Following their release of the debut 2018 CD – Towers of Grandiosity tonight gave them excellent exposure & they’re particularly enjoyable. 

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An exciting support were Boston fellas Revocation hitting hard with their HP Lovecraft inspired tunes. With a career spanning over 10 years & 8 albums with the latest being 2018 – The Outer Ones & prior to that 2016 – Great is Our Sin, they certainly made us pay for all of ours by rendering the audible mute.  With David Davidson on vox & guitar, Ash Pearson on drums, Dan Gargiulo – on guitar & BV, completing the quartet is Brett Bamberger on Bass & BV. Personally I really enjoy when there is more than one vocalist & this is a prime example of brutal Death/Thrash. I especially enjoyed The Outer Ones live – the intro is ace. And maybe all the hair swirling in the pretty lights – no camera can ever catch that!

The icing on the decapi-cake (get it) was San Diego powerhouse Cattle Decapitation. With this being the tour for their 9th album Death Atlas the audience was awaiting with baited breath. With Travis Ryan killing both “clean” (scream) & growl on vocals, Josh Elmore on guitar & David McGraw on drums – they were joined by their new comrades with a 2nd guitarist  – Belisario Dimuzio (who is has the most incredible head swirl I have ever seen) & bassist Oliver Pinardi. They have moved more progressively in their style but it is still hard hitting Death Black Grind – which snapped my neck with joy. It is rare these days that I experience a Death Metal band that makes me move through melodic episodes to those that I just want to plain ol head bang. I stated to my housemate & she knows that Behemoth are one of my all-time favs & apologies to those that have lost faith – I must say CD are now in my CD library holding state.  Beyond that their philosophy of how we, as physical beings with the majority disconnected from our essence to our own demise they are philosophers beyond their time. The name might detract or attract – but I must say – they are LEGENDS & they have something to say that we all need to hear.  AND SIDENOTE – they donated ALL yes ALL of their VIP ticket proceeds to the bushfire Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary.  I had a few mates say how can you be a vegetarian & like this band – I say MATE!!! EASILY – when their heart is in the right place. 

Cattle Decapiation. Yes. \m/ 

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Line-up: Cattle Decapitation, Revocation, Descent

Reviewer: Tina Summers