Charlotte’s Project: Releases new single and official video “lovely”

Charlotte Palacios’ solo project, Charlotte’s Project, has just released the new brand single and official video called Lovely, after releasing “You Miss Them” 1 month ago.

Charlotte Palacios stated: “This song is purely sentimental and expresses how she loves and takes refuge in a person who loves, however, the video is shocking because it takes a hot topic right now like the gender violence”

Palacios also stated: “This is the third song from this project. Lovely contain all about sensation when we fall in love, because, the feeling it’s pure and sincere, it’s serenity and it can be a hurricane at the same time because The love has some shadows and lights, it’s strong no matter what, where, when or why. Simple, for me The love is the reason for my life”

You can listen to the song and watch the video here:

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