CHRONICLES OF HATE: Unleash Music Video ‘The Birth Of Hate’

Italian death metallers CHRONICLES OF HATE have unleashed their music video for the title track and first single off their upcoming debut album “The Birth of Hate” due out February 28th via EXTREME METAL MUSIC.

The music video can be viewed here:

The band adds about the full length and single:

“The title track off the album, ‘The Birth of Hate’ is inspired by Swedish death metal. It talks about the effects of a catastrophic event and politic corruption. When human values are forgotten, hate takes place. The album itself is our first creation and is the beginning of our adventure. It’s a journey through the facets of the anger and motivations that feed it. This album talks about strong emotions and the breaking point from which you cannot go back. We mix different elements of metal for this release, you will find breakdowns, and you will find fast death metal riffs along with intentional melodic parts to give it our own personal sound.”

Formed in 2016 by guitar players Riccardo D’Angelo and Roberto Simonetti, CHRONICLES OF HATE was raised from the depths of hell with the clear purpose of blending the solid impact of traditional death metal with grooving vibes. Their lyrics are inspired by real events that feed the anger and strong emotions that occur in our daily lives. Influenced by the old school pioneers of the genre such as At The Gates, In Flames, Death, their debut “The Birth of Hate” is a personal interpretation of the tendencies from both old and modern metal.