Chugger – Of Man and Machine (Album Review)

Chugger - Of Man and Machine

Of Man and Machine is the second released studio album from Swedish Groove/Melodic Death Metal band CHUGGER.

This is a remarkable studio album. The first thing you will notice when listening is the blast melodies and crunchy riffs along with the slow-death drums that create an addictive experience that will keep you listening. Additionally, groove & melodic rhythm give to it and really vast range of creativity and heaviness without losing the main concept of death metal. One of the most extreme demonstrations of how groove and death can mix together and create deathly music!

To the vocalist: his death growl vocal technique and execution fits almost perfectly on every song. Along with some natural voice/signing voice mixes that create an interesting contrast, it sounds very clear but also very low-pitch classic death. This arrangement and lyrics apart are very good and interesting together with the theme of this album: brutality, fear, misanthropic behaviour, hatred, anger and self-consciousness about the current society. It really encourages you to read the lyrics while listening to the songs. They’re interesting and have many interpretations that fit in different themes. My favourite song is The Algorithm and Hollow Lies. The production and mixing of this record is very notable all the mix of sounds are very well executed and well-placed. There is not too much to say, so is a really different and well-done work. I recommend it absolutely is insanely good.

Release Year: 2020
Label: Wormholedeath Records
Category: Album
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Trent Painless (Seth)