CrisisAct: “Turn It Off” Debut EP out September 17th – ft members of Psycroptic, King Parrot & Revocation

The debut video from extreme metal iso-band CrisisAct is here for the track “F#*k Knows If I Die”. Produced by guitarist Joe Haley with assistance from artist Boyd Synnott, the video is a short, sharp blitz of grindcore madness from the uncompromising Aussies. CrisisAct formed out of desperation to create new extreme music in these unprecedented times. 4 weathered heads with extensive heavy music resumes combined to create a new project forged in the sound of grindcore. Drawing on old school influences with a blistering and uncompromising approach, the debut EP release “Turn It Off” will be unleashed on September 17th 2020.

CrisisAct bludgeons, hard, fast, explosive and to the point. The delivery is shaped in a message of frustration and pure discontent at the state of the modern world. Featuring Joe Haley and David Haley from Psycroptic, Matt Young from King Parrot and Brett Bamberger of Revocation. CrisisAct seek to create a new vehicle distinguished from their previous endeavours and draped in extreme grind chaos and anarchy.

Matt Young from the band comments “When the Haley brothers approached me to do vocals on a new project it was a no brainer, especially when they mentioned Brett from Revocation was joining too. The demo’s I received were studio quality and putting vocals on them flowed easily, but most important… brutally. The final product is a unique and extremely savage listen; an 11 track EP we are all proud of. It’s the type of EP you have to listen to again once it’s finished, and better yet the whole thing fits on a 7″ record!”

Pre-add on streaming platforms, and pre-order 7″ vinyl and merchandise links here.

Next Audio track releases Thursday September 3rd – “Putrid Existence”

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