Cult of Scarecrow – Tales Of The Sacrosanct Man (Album Review)

I do not own any vinyl records for many reasons but for those that do, I think this album would do well to have a listen on the flat music wheel. I feel the tones could carry across quite well with a certain personality that only a vinyl record could provide.

The Cult of Scarecrow previously existed largely as the current band but under the name Die Sinner Die. Back then they were young and naive with more industrial influences so that when 20 years passed they their sound had morphed and they had written themselves a number of songs to reflect this personal growth. A couple of bandmates changed along the way so that we have this Belgian band composed of: Filip De Wilde (lead vocals), Jan Van Der Poorten (guitars), Ivan De Strooper (guitars), Gunther ‘Gunny’ Poppe (bass and backing vocals), Nico Regelbrugge (drums and backing vocals) and Robbie Eelbode (keyboards).

WormHole Death Records are responsible for the worldwide unleashing of ‘Tales of the Sacrosant Man’. Ace Zec from Oceanside Studios took on the mixing and recording duties.

This band could be labelled in many ways. When you look at them from one angle they are doom band fuelled by the apparent destruction of our planet yet from another angle they are a lively prog-thrash band with the ability to get a room moshing.

The name of the band came from the title of the second song on their self-titled EP. The song title was “a metaphor for a religion, a sect, that worships wealth and luxury”. Placing all your faith and desire in one’s financial wealth does not stand well with them. Your wealth is in your life and not your life in wealth.

On the album cover, the ominously powerful figure presented centrally wearing the black death mask is so much scarier considering he is wearing the clothing of a respected sacrosanct theologian. Flanking the religious spectre are the faded images of those who may have innocently trusted him to their demise. A black death mask supposedly protected the wearer from the plaque. Perhaps wearing such a mask means they are protected from the demise of those around them, even if they caused the problems.

Not only has a lot of thought gone into the quality of the music but they have paid close attention to the theatrics of the production. With the album cover in hand listening to the opening track “Sacrosanct Man”  the playful gibberish said by little children who might be the ones fading from the cover are then overshadowed unknowingly by a growl of sorts before the ominous riff kicks in. The build-up to this really tugs at your imagination really quite well.

In comparison to Die Sinner Die tracks, they have polished up their act. An introduction of a keyboardist has added a new dimension to their music. The song of “Lazarus” uses this instrument to great effect. Within this song too we have a clever use of stereo effects so be sure to use headphones or a good speaker setup. The church organ on ‘This Blood’s For You’ is pretty well chosen. All the instruments get a turn to shine. Big rock guitar tones abound with their grinding crunch of distortion that would make the metal gods who perfected the style very proud.

“Pitch-black” has powerful chords that ladle heaviness out the bowl of Doom Metal soup. ‘Sameness’ carries some groovy riffs that use simple changes to create something epic/

Cult of Scarecrow focus their efforts on highlighting the planets current plight and it’s a continual trend towards its inevitable end. The lyrics are delivered b vocals that have a certain infectious enthusiasm that make them. He laces his notes in hard rock dust. ‘Doorkicker03‘ leads the charge with his vocal range giving some crevasse deep notes and then let letting his vocal cords soar.

The music is bold and chugs along at a pace that creates atmosphere and tension. This Blood’s For You’ slow right down before kicking up a frenzy so they keep your intrigue in check. A number of songs carry a deep dark tension and resolve to powerful spine-tingling songs.

I felt that this album had a lot of power behind it and you’ll probably want to chew on it for a bit to get all through the flavour to find out what parts you are most enamoured with.

  1. Sacrosanct Men
  2. Lazarus
  3. Robotized
  4. Pitch Black
  5. Doorkicker03
  6. This Blood’s for You
  7. Sameness
  8. Own Worst Enemy

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Wormhole Death Records
Category: Album
Country: Belgium

Reviewed by Byron Lotz