Stone Mountain – Cyber Messiah (Album Review)

Stone Mountain has released their debut album Cyber Messiah, and I think you are going to like it. Immediately I was impressed with the sound – a sound of a band that had been recording albums for 15 years, not their debut. That sound is tantalizing and seducing, all because of the highly infectious and deep groove of that guitar. It’s insane, there is no chance for your ears not to be locked on and your head to start swaying back and forth. This guitar sound and riffing style are prevalent throughout the whole album and no doubt later on it will be easily recognized as their signature sound.

Grant Waples is the man responsible for this musical genius and I could really just sit there listening to him. I rarely like to compare sounds to other bands, but instantly I thought of Tool. Every single song has his guitar providing the unavoidable hook, with Luke on bass making sure your toes are tapping the ground. The rhythm and tempo seem to generally revert back to a prog metal type pace, with many sections shifting up into an all-out kick-ass speed classic heavy metal feel. Wade on drums is precise and heavy which is both pleasing and needed as anything else would have wasted that awesome guitar.

The title track is a slowed-down heavy rock track, but let me emphasize the heavy bit: A clear message about possible futures and one hell of a catchy chorus. This song would be very popular with the masses of mainstream metal. Great chorus.

The rather aptly named Detonate has a very up-tempo barnstorming riff to open with a nice pace throughout – catching its breath for the verses. A good song in the middle of the album to shake it up a bit.
The Bleeding is a groovy, jazzy progressive-sounding steam shovel of a song that sounds really heavy and would be the standout on the album where it’s not wedged in between two absolute pearlers.

The opening track Cleansing starts off very methodical and deliberate with long-drawn-out chords and booming drums. It then breaks into one of the best metal riffs you will hear. This is an awesome song and is a perfect way to grab the listener as you can only wonder what the rest of the album may be like as this song just blows you away. One of the best metal songs you will hear.

Well, that is until you get to track 3 Diatribe For Humanity, which is just as damn good, exceptionally good actually. Starting with just the drums and bass line with a heavy machine gun riff coming in over the top. This is the heaviest song on the record I bloody love this song. Chunky groovy mean and the vocalist Brett at times breaking into a semi growl, giving the song extra force considering his vocals almost never break from the very clean melodic singing.

The first four songs completely make the album and you will probably find that you keep repeating this area of the CD. Brett’s vocals are really good, and his singing style of clean but strong suit the music perfectly and show great skill and restraint.

I absolutely loved listening to this album many times through and apart from a couple of fillers in the middle this is a really excellent release and I thoroughly recommend it.

Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Chris Rankin