Darkthrone: Release Animated Lyric Video For “His Masters Voice”.

(Fenriz photo credit: Jørn Steen www.einherje.no)
To celebrate the release of the epic new Darkthrone album, Eternal Hails, out now on Peaceville Records, the band have released a video for the album’s opening track “His Masters Voice”

The animated lyric video created by Matthew Vickerstaff, has been inspired by the album’s stunning artwork that features the piece “Pluto and Charon” (1972), from renowned science fiction artist David A. Hardy; a hugely inspirational image for both Fenriz & Nocturno Culto spanning several decades, and this also stands as a symbolic link between the genre-bending styles apparent on Darkthrone’s earliest works, to those same traits evident on Eternal Hails.

Watch it here:

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