DAVID REECE: “Baptized By Fire” Out Now & New Video “We’ve lost the fight


David Reece releases his new album “Baptized By Fire” – 12 heavy metal highlights that he wants to celebrate live as often as possible.  The beginning has a certain metal romanticism about it. He has chosen Minnesota in the USA for the release concert. A journey into his own past – this is where his musical career began in the early eighties.

In his own words, it sounds like this:
“Greetings everyone around the globe I thought I would take a few moments to speak about the journey of rock’n’roll. As i sit here in my hotel room in Minnesota I can’t help but reflect on the fact that my journey in music began here in the early 80’s.Those days were full of wonder where a kid named David Reece was playing six to seven nights per week in the local Minnesota scene and throughout the midwest doing covers and trying to write my own songs and scratch a living out at the same time.Through the journey I’ve met many many wonderful people because music is the Universal language we all understand.I begin Friday night March 1 2024 by playing Route 47 in Fridley Minnesota and looks like many many old friends and new friends will attend.I am also pleased to announce that March 1 is the official release date of my latest works Baptized by Fire on El Puerto records worldwide! The media has been amazing my band is amazing and the fans are amazing! Also March 1 our second video single We’ve lost the fight will coincide with everything so watch for You tube and listen to this great song! In closing I wish to thank you all for your support and promise the best we can deliver live.Remember Life’s a journey not a destination
Your’s in voice

David Reece