Death Metal squad Endless Curse releases new single “Dionysos”

Endless Curse

The Death Metal squad ENDLESS CURSE is definitely not on a cozy course. With a feel for the right riff at the right time and a heavy dose of humor, the Swabians do what they have always done. With the new single “Dionysos” from the upcoming EP, the three musicians once again present an explosive mixture of hardcore, thrash, grindcore and death metal, which, despite its stylistic diversity, makes very few compromises.

ENDLESS CURSE know exactly what they want. It’s just three guys from the Swabian province with a penchant for extreme music. Once rooted in metalcore, the band has expanded their horizons and celebrates a grandiose mix of hardcore, grind, thrash and old-school death. The merging of the different genres results in a unique explosive substance in the end, which starts straight forward and which especially fans of MISERY INDEX, DYING FETUS or THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER will get their money’s worth. Pissed off and at the same time blessed with gallows humor, ENDLESS CURSE walk the blade between social criticism and irony. Loud, fast, honest and full of passion.

The message is clear: Drink, smoke and don’t give a fuck!


Listen to Dionysos: