Toxic Waltz – Decades Of Pain (Album Review)

Toxic Waltz - Decades Of Pain

Straight outta Bavaria, Toxic Waltz deliver an inspired expansion to the Thrash Metal library with Decades of Pain.

This band is Thrash to the core, but delivers this style in a way that walks off the Metal family could appreciate. This full–length debut is not diminished from not being heard with a crowd of moshers in a live setting. It succeeds in getting points across through a studio.

Even though they’re named after an Exodus track, they do not come across as an uninspired throwback band, bringing plenty to the table. Songs show clear theming in oppression and resistance, as they craft a cold and uncaring world. No two songs on this album sound the same.

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I’d say this album has a flow that leads me to think it would be best heard in its entirety. I say this because I feel that every song builds upon the previous, upping the intensity and heaviness with each track. The first few set a subdued, haunting tone that teases the line between intro and bonafide standalone.

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The average thrasher would however be most satisfied with middle songs, such as the joyous shredding displayed in ‘suicide squad’ and ‘toxic hell’. The old-school fun gets moved to darker creative places with tracks like ‘green’ and ‘obsession to kill’, where the tone gets more jarring through a more abrasive style and flirtings with growled vocals.

Decades of Pain was a joy to hear where most metalheads, not even necessarily thrashers, would find something to enjoy from this well–planned album. While I had some trepidations in the beginning, by the end I was hungering for more in the best of ways.

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Whether you are looking for an introduction to New Thrash from other sub-genres and have been holding back because you think this style is too cheesy or cliche, then this would be a highly recommended band to check out. Excellent work.

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Release Year: 2014
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Germany

Reviewed by Jay Mitchell