Deep Sun – Dreamland – Behind The Shades (Album Review)

Release Date: June 10th 2022 - Massacre Records

DEEP SUN – Dreamland - Behind The Shades

Behind The shades is another excellent representation of Switzerland’s Deep Sun, On this their third album of symphonic metal where everything is bigger more epic, and an ode to dreams in all it forms from the allegorical to the literal.

Debora Lavagnolo’s vocals give these dreams form and it is a voice from the heavens! Able to soar high and along with the music adding depth, character, and ability to add texture, and shades to such highlights ‘’ Dreammaster’’,’’ Mitternachtstanz’’ and the rousing choruses of ‘’ Hands In Anger’’. It is truly beautiful that one listens to ‘’In Silence’’ is proof that her vocals are a true standout in a genre that is already brimming with talent.

Musically the band has progressed to create the type of symphonic metal that is rousing, dynamic, and covers all the bases of the original romantic style. The huge power metal choruses to the lighter folk-inspired moments. Although at times it sounds familiar Behind The Shades is so damn good it doesn’t really matter, the musicianship is excellent and energetic. Deep Sun takes their metal very seriously and their evolution in metal makes them a formidable outfit. “Euphoria” and ‘’Living the Dream’’ pulsate with energy and vibrancy.

Passionate, evocative, and optimistic, Deep Sun has delivered a beautifully crafted album that fans of metal and Symphonic metal, will enjoy. Not only its immediacy but the subtle nuances an incredible voice and some rousing metal!!

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Massacre Records
Category: Album
Country: Switzerland

Reviewed by Sparky