Delphian – Somnambulant Foregoer (Album Review)

How satisfying is it to discover a new band right when you were craving new music, and that the said band gives you exactly what you’re looking for? Very satisfying! Delphian’s “Somnambulant Foregoer” is the real deal. And what better way to announce yourself to the metal scene, than with 47 minutes of pure, raw, and extreme metal. The Californian band sets the bar very high for a first release.

Front to end, the album blends all the best things from every metal genre. Never before have I felt so many influences in an album, in fact, each riff is a trip into the beauty of a particular metal genre. From the fastest tremolo-picked riffs to the most intricate thrash riffs, passing by lunatic rhythm patterns, which remind you of Decapitated’s “Organic Hallucinosis”, the album presents a vast library of perfectly executed riffs, as you’ve got no time to rest and take in punch after punch. The pace changes are so efficiently playing with your emotions as one moment you’re clenching your fist like a caveman on a thick and heavy riff, and next thing you know you’re spinning your head into windmills on a blazing fast blast beat.

The song structures are somewhat progressive in the sense that you don’t know what to expect, except that it’s going to hit you in the face with brute force, whether it’s an 80’s thrash riff charge or a proggy Opeth-ish riff, you know you’re in for a dose of great musical pleasure. If one was to summarize what this album is about, it would be a rhythmical masterpiece.

The drumming is what legends are made of: the double kick patterns are relentless, always filling with feeling and groove, never letting you breathe, always in pure joy and ecstasy in front of such a rhythm monster. The drum rolls are never conventional, always adding that catchy component, whether it’s a blazing fast drum roll or a basic groove, they perfectly put emphasis on the rest of the instruments.

This is one of these albums you put on repeat for a couple of weeks, and then becomes a reference in the genre, it’s serving you with all you look for and all you need from a metal record. It’s going to be very hard to do better, but I wouldn’t be surprised that a band with so much talent releases masterpiece after masterpiece. You rarely hear such a young band with so much maturity. Definitely one of the albums of the year.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Oussama EL OUADIE