Demons Of Noon – Death Machine (Album Review)

Release Date: December 01st 2023 - Evil Feast Records

Demons Of Noon - Death Machine

From their beginnings in 2017 in Auckland New Zealand, Demons of Noon have finally presented their debut full-length album on the unsuspecting. Death Machine is not just a debut but a fully realized creation, that is vibrant and buzzes with its own energy and raw power.

Echolia is the epic opener, Featuring the fuzz-infused psychedelia that touches on the classics but is also incredibly relevant. The Power of ‘’Coward’’ burns with a fury that is visceral and immediate. To simply call this stoner doom or sludge is a mistake and a misunderstanding, Demons of Noon Create music that is unhurried in its ability to just simply smash you with its rhythms and excellent riffing, all six members share vocals duties that help create a vibe that is unique to each track, from chanting and wonderful harmonies to an at times hardcore approach yet Aria Jones and Tasmyn Matchette are the highlights, underpinned by Jonathan Burgess in a genre where the voice is often overlooked by the power of the riff. ‘’Sphere of Peace’’ is another intense offering, whilst the subtle melody of ‘’Torched and Burned’’ elevates it into a beguiling moment that is as addictive as that mind-mangling riff all in Drop C. ‘’Demons of Shade’’ reflects the power of demons, all delivered authentically and enthusiastically.

Death Machine is the result of something fresh and undeniably heavy, there is a presence on this record that evokes the smoke of the past and the anger of the present, from beautiful harmonies to the sheer power of the diminished fifth and its darkness. It is an absolute beast of an album and a celebration of truly heavy music. Great things await the Demons of Noon.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Evil Feast Records
Category: Album
Country: New Zealand

Reviewed by Sparky