Dieversity: Release The Bitter Taste Of Sin Video

A few weeks ago DIEVERSITY released their first video End Of The Line from the upcoming album Age Of Ignorance. The album is going to be released on November 19th, 2021 at EL PUERTO RECORDS. Now the band from Würzburg (Bavaria, Germany) present their new song The Bitter Taste Of Sin.

The band comments:

The song “The Bitter Taste Of Sin” picks social compulsions out as a central theme. This one is allocated and it is expected of which that everyone holds on to their roles. If someone fights, however, against it and smells of “the sin”, he is punished by society for this.

In the music video, these difficulties are taken up and how someone handles that. The arcade forms like “I feel I’m not alone in this, the darkness welcomes me” The band performs the song in a manner’s dark hole in which it has secluded. They carry on a monologue at it which leads to the inner conflict “in the shadows I can hide myself. Oh what’s become of me?!”. Who am I and what turned me that I must hide from?

Check out the video End Of The Line here: