Downcross – Hexapoda Triumph (Album Review)

Release Date: March 03rd 2022 - Cavum Atrum Rex

Downcross - Hexapoda Triumph

Belarus duo Downcross has been combining the elements of unholy black metal with rock n roll since their demo in 2015, Hexapoda Triumph is more than just a rock n roll homage to the horned one.

Taking traditional ideas and song structures Downcross has infused their music with tonnes of great riffs and blinding speed. Invariant Fall of the Doomed could be a traditional rock number before the tremolo kicks in and the blast beats whilst never losing its direction and large groove element. This Is Black n roll that is definitely not for the masses.

The opening riff to Verity is Mirrored by Madness is pure black metal with the dynamics on point building to speed and a great midsection before more chaos. The songwriting is inspired, and left-field choices feel fresh and original. Trumpets Salute the Demise of Death is a true highlight with its warped riffs and more of Ldzmr excellent raw primal vocals. First, if Hubris takes the music and slow it with just a touch to let some more of those great riffs bleed all over you before upping the tempo, with another great tremolo riff that is full of fury. Bookended by some excellent dark almost ambient electronica that lures you into their world as on Hypnosuggestion, there are many complexities to enjoy on repeated listens

In the way, the way that metal and punk were seamlessly merged by the chosen few Downcross has accomplished the same with Hexapoda Triumph. It is an eminently immediate album that pummels the senses whilst being memorable and completely true to itself. It’s visceral, enthralling, and highly recommend.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Cavum Atrum Rex
Category: Album
Country: Belarus

Reviewed by Sparky