Dream Legacy release new video for “Set Me Free”

Dream Legacy

Legacy Rock! The Swabians from DREAM LEGACY start with this motto. The six experienced musicians make the heart of every rock fan beat faster with songs in which heavier guitar sounds and an incredible amount of emotions are skilfully fused into their very own classic rock variant. Another track from the new album, “Set Me Free“, will be released today, which will be released later this year.

After a wonderful rock ballad was released in December with the last single “Really Loving You”, DREAM LEGACY now show with “Set Me Free” that they can also play harder sounds. The new song strikes a fantastic balance between melody and aggression, falling into that magical (or should we say “dreamlike”) state that falls right in between.

“Really Loving You”, on the other hand, has become a rock ballad that is unfortunately only too seldom heard these days. With this title DREAM LEGACY show us in impressive pictures that rock music with a lot of love and emotions can pave its way into our hearts, especially in this time. “Really Loving You” is a classic ballad with a nostalgic touch. The song brings a retro flair to the music scene and opens a great new musical chapter for DREAM LEGACY, a band that continues to expand their sonic formula and tries new things with each release without losing their sonic identity.

DREAM LEGACY stands for: Living our lives for rock music and fulfilling our dream of creating timeless rock music, playing live and giving and leaving our audience a timeless musical monument.

Visionary and driving force behind the band is guitarist Andy Paynes, for him the album title means more than just four written words. Like the band name DREAM LEGACY, “Once in a Lifetime” stands for the dream of wanting to create something great again in rock music and thus presenting the fans with a timeless musical monument. Paynes composed all of the songs. Together with copywriter Alan Medeiros, the ideas merge into a common vision called DREAM LEGACY. With the former companions John Zell, Ryan Zell and Ebo Hösch, the line up is quickly found. With Michael Hauck and the renowned American lead singer André Carswell, who has already gained notoriety with the rock formation ANYONE’S DAUGHTER, the last missing impulses will be added in 2020 before DREAM LEGACY starts recording the 15 songs. The album (mixed and mastered in Hajo Well’s Jowa Studio) impresses with both power songs and soulful rock ballads and straight-forward heavy rock. In short: the finest, catchy American-style classic rock with many facets that shouldn’t leave any rock fan cold.