Duckwalk Chuck: Norwegian Hard Rockers Release Video for Shut Your Lights


Duckwalk Chuck release a video for Shut Your Lights of the 2021 album “All fired up”, which was released on the 17th of September, to great reviews from the rock and metal community worldwide.

The video for Shut your lights was directed, filmed, and edited by the amazingly talented Sondre Oldereide Michaelsen of Cloud Saurus. This is a hard-hitting video, reflecting the lyric and vibe of the song, along with the fascination for mixed material arts, nicely wrapped up in a cinematic video and performance.

This is our second collaboration with Sondre and Cloud Saurus, and this time we also engaged actors, extras and got to use the fighting arena at Kampsporthuset (The Martial Arts House) in Stavanger.

We do love the action movie genre and have also tried to capture the essence of illegal underground fighting, going all-in on the visuals to create an explosive, hard-hitting, and enjoyable video.

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