Dugu: China’s Death Thrashers Released Nausea Skeleton Abyss on Awakening Records

China’s death-thrash murder crew is back from the Nausea Skeleton Abyss! This CD is a compilation of these homicidal hooligans’ past three cassette releases. Thus, making this 18-track collection a 75-minute blast of pure brutality! If you’re possessed by the likes of Possessed, Morbid Saint and Repulsion Dugu’s poison is your cup of tea.

Nausea Skeleton Abyss was released on November 23rd, 2019, via Awakening Records.

Speed Scum Dog – Drums
TormentoRx – Guitars
IronfingerHo – Guitars
Morbid Gut – Vocals
Spike – Bass

flyer01 Killers on Wheels
02 Haunted Tales
03 Bewitched
04 The Oily Maniac
05 Damien (MORBID SAINT Cover)
06 Sadistic Sinner (INCUBUS Cover)
07 Hex
08 Bewitched
09 Crippled Avengers
10 Haunted Tales
11 Disintegrator + Incinerator (SLAUGHTER Cover)
12 Curse of Evil
13 The Oily Maniac
14 The Web of Death
15 Dirty Bitch (MX Cover)
16 Devil’s Mirror
17 Yog-Sothoth (POISON Cover)
18 Hex after Hex