DYMYTRY Czech Psy-Core Metal Frontrunners, Unleash Epic Single “Enemy List”


At the latest with their sixth and first international studio album, Revolt (released in early 2022 on AFM Records, order HERE!), psy-core metal masters Dymytry have proven that they are no longer one of the Czech best-kept metal secrets. Followed by several European tours with acts such as PanteraHämatom or LordiDymytry returns with a brand new song, titled “Enemy List”, showcasing the band’s epic and powerful, haunting facettes!


“‘Enemy List’ is a compelling anthem that not only speaks to the heart of the bullying epidemic but also offers a message of strength and resilience. We’ve all faced our fair share of online bullies, and negativity in general and we know just how hurtful and demoralizing it can be,” says Alen “AL” Ljubić, lead vocalist of Dymytry. “But ‘Enemy List’ is a reminder that we don’t have to let the haters define us. We can rise above it, become stronger, and show them that their words can’t break us. It’s a life defining mindset to have and we hope that anyone in need of encouragement will feel this message and positive energy in this song and understand that they are not alone with this problem. Know your “enemies” and avoid them and their negativity at all costs.“


Watch the video here:


After well over one thousand concerts in their home country, six successful records and a platinum award under their belt,  Dymytry has opted for a step that is unusual in two respects: Revolt, originally recorded exclusively in Czech, marked the band’s first album released in English, but also the debut of singer Alen „A.L.“ Ljubic. Bursting with a high-voltage energy, strong melodies and powerful rhythms driven by mercilessly modern metal, Revolt has set all sails on storm. While Dymytry will celebrate their 20th anniversary, with a sold-out show at the Arena Prague, CZ, on November 24, 2023 in front of 13.000 fans, one can only hope, their new single “Enemy List”showcases an incredible harbinger of a new studio album to be released in the not so distant future!