Ebonivory – The Long Dream I (Album Review)

The Long Dream I is the most recent album from Progressive Rock/Metal Band Ebonivory from Ballarat, Australia.

First, this album is very special because of the wide range of rhythms and melodies with a lathing variety and complexity into arrangements. Then the melodies with touches of alternative/core genres… finally, the riffs are choking loads of emotionality upon the start to the end. The songs are done in a way that you can feel every part of the melodic structure melting into a heavy load, drums timing and precision are very accurate too switching from one way to another without sounding forced. Every song on this record is like hearing a song inside another one inside another.

Now, the vocalist’s voice is very well placed with different styles, from deep ones to very high-pitch bridges. It feels very natural, works very well with the complex/melodic manner in the song is done. Lyrically it is a piece of beauty dreaming inside a lorded nightmare of methodical progression, chorus & screams sound raged and well too for an alt/prog band so every point is done very carefully without sounding plastic giving it its own nature

Production and mixing are good, songs sound crystal clear, everything sounds according to its parts and introduces between without overlapping or losing the minimal point of rhythm and hardness.

An interesting recording with some fresh ideas. With an understanding of the complexity of a musical piece, you will enjoy it without a doubt.

Release Year: 2020
Label: Wild Thing Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Trent Painless (Seth)