Edan H – Final Wrath (Single Review)

I have had this one in my back pocket now for a few weeks and have been meaning to get to this review. On each listens and this would be at last count about 10 times. I love it that little bit more, this is the second single from Edan H and his first in 2019 Down in Flames is worth tracking down. This Melbourne based Guitarist bass player and songwriter writes some very big tunes for a musician so early on in his career. This time round he has recruited Immortal Guardian vocalist Carlos Zema. (Wow just wow) What a set of pipes that man has and it sits with the musical direction nicely.

The tick of the snare that counts in the band sets up the pace and tempo of the next 6.

02 minutes in that way classic metal always did.

Right on cue comes the screeching vocals that split the air, in the best ROB HALFORD inspired way I have heard since Ripper Owens. Featuring the incredible talent of Enzo Almanzi of White Widow fame. Who plays most of the Solos on this record, together they create some VERY heavy rock guitar. Inspired by the twin attack of KK Downing and Glen Tipton. Both Edan and Enzo find a way of emulating their hero’s yet adding some new fresh sounds to the mix

It’s a strange bastard of a song it goes from Traditional Screeching duel guitar sounds of Later Priest records to the polished and speed-driven overproduced guitar trickery of Dragon Force. Now don’t let this put you off, in fact, I say BRIG IT ON.

We need more experimentation more diversity in our musical diet, without losing sight of what made us turn up to the gigs and buy the records in the first place. All of us have a memory of the first time we heard our favourite band and the way we felt. I think this is Edan’s way of reliving that moment and his way of sharing it with the world.

Is this single going to change the world, well NO is the answer. Is it going to make you won’t bang your head shake your fists and feel 17 again then I can answer YES, YES, YES, YES.

Keep an out for this guy as it will not be long before he’s in a big-time and you can say I was there front row centre.

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Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: Single
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Tony Evans