ELM STREET Premieres “The Price Of War” Music Video

Elm Street

After the four-piece shared a previously-released, first single, “Take The Night”, today, ELM STREET presents a brand new music video for “The Price Of War”! The second single from “The Great Tribulation” is a thrash / groove metal hybrid, capturing the band looking at the state of conflict overseas and questioning who are the real winners and losers (if there are any in war). The song is propelled by Tomislav Perkovic’s lightning-pace double bass for a machine-gun intro before the band locks into a groove, with a melodic and technical middle section showcasing the band’s musical dexterity.

The term “The Price Of War” is multi-dimensional, it not only addresses those who profit from the business of war,” the band states, “but also highlights the human cost of fighting for someone else’s gain.

Watch The new ELM STREET video for “The Price Of War”

A soundtrack for troubled times, or a charred mirror reflecting the state of the world today, “The Great Tribulation” provides commentary on the darker side of life, and pairs it with the band’s most ambitious and hard-hitting music to date. While ELM STREET‘s first two albums, “Barbed Wire Metal” and “Knock ‘Em Out… With A Metal Fist”, have both been revered as modern classics by fans of traditional-flavoured heavy metal, “The Great Tribulation” seeks to take the template set by the two albums preceding it, and amplifies it by several notches, resulting in the band’s most powerful, complex, and heavy performances recorded to date. Everything about “The Great Tribulation” encapsulates a band at the peak of their powers, ELM STREET have left no stone un-turned in expressing their diverse musical palette, resulting in a wide-ranging collection of songs that stand tall individually, but extremely powerful as a collective unit.

elm street-the great tribulation

“The Great Tribulation” track listing:
1. Seven Sirens
2. Take The Night
3. The Price Of War
4. If Provoked, Will Strike
5. Behind The Eyes Of Evil
6. The Last Judgement
7. The Darker Side Of Blue
8. A State Of Fear