Chronosphere – Embracing Oblivion (Album Review)

Alright, Suicidal Angels and Exarsis are no longer the only Greek response to the new wave of thrash metal. I’ve just received the second album recorded by Athenian band Chronosphere ( I didn’t have an opportunity to hear the debut one) and they totally destroyed me. TOTALLY.

Chronosphere serves us a piece of fast, ripping thrash metal, with great (cleaner than I’d expect for that music) vocals and really good solos. No stops, no breaks- just playing fast! That’s what I like.

Embracing Oblivion has 10 tracks, which gives us 41 minutes of headbanging. If I had to put one best thing from this album it will be the guitar work. Every solo is really good, but that’s not my point…. riffs, riffs, RIFFS! The greek guitarists mix a lot of influences by a variety of classic bands, but at the same time, they don’t put any unnecessary or annoying melodies (e.g. Kreator does it nowadays). What’s more, is that every riff has great support of a wonderful rhythmic section. Fast, yet precise, drum beats and good bass work.

I just wish that they mix their CD a little bit differently; Chronosphere‘s sound is good for bands more focused on heavy than thrash. There should be more dirt in the guitars, so the album will get more violent.
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But we’ve got a really solid album here! One of the best second-wavers I’ve heard in few months.
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Great composition with a good technique. Chronosphere guys are doing a good job. Right now I have to get their first album and wish them good luck with their career.

Release Year: 2014
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Greece

Reviewed by Jay