Emil Bulls release brand new single / video ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’

emil bulls

Unveiling a profound exploration of the human psyche, Emil Bulls‘ brand new single ‘The Devil Made Me Do It‘ delves into the intricate layers of human nature. The track masterfully captures the delicate equilibrium between our innermost desires and the choices we make. Through its poignant lyrics, listeners will experience the age-old struggle of personal responsibility versus the influence of external forces. With powerful metaphors, notably the devil’s imagery, the song offers listeners a deep dive into emotions often felt but rarely spoken about.

“We’re thrilled to finally show the world what the devil made us do.”

With their unique blend of compelling melodies, powerful riffs, and outstanding live performances, they have captured the hearts of rock and metal enthusiasts worldwide. Since their formation the band has garnered a significant following and solidified their place as one of the top acts in the modern rock/metal scene.

Watch video here: