Empyreal Sorrow – Praey (Album Review)

Empyreal Sorrow

If you are looking for that classic melodic death metal sound, then German band Empyreal Sorrow is one too watch. With the release of their debut album Praey, the band gives a nod to those that have come before them. In an album that is well-written, well-produced and reeks of maturity that is rare in a band in their debut release, Praey is sure to have fans of melodic death metal adding it to their playlists.

While I would not call it a revolutionary album, it definitely tickles the fancy of this classic melodic death metal fan. Often fast-moving with incredibly catchy riffs, Praey is very groove orientated while not losing its heaviness. It is vibrant, dynamic and you can tell off the bat the band are very accomplished musicians. Vocally, there is a nod to black metal that is evident, with vocalist Martin going in with those almost scratchy growls. Lyrically though, it is quite a deep album- the band even states that they set out to showcase their emotional side.

One of the standouts for me is the drumming- everything feels so in place. With every song being under the 5-minute mark as well, it feels like the entire album is very well-paced and just an overall enjoyable lesson. Track-wise, the highlights of the album for me were ‘Come Down with Me’ and ‘Quiet Depression’. It may have been the breakdowns but the drumming on ‘Come Down with Me’ really showcased just how great drummer Julien Osterried is. Supported by perfect bass, the rhythm section of Empyreal Sorrow is really holding it down. The catchiness of the guitars in ‘Quiet Depression’ is what made it my favourite track on the album. The build-ups are solid and really gets you headbanging and wanting to raise your arms in the air.

I really recommend this to fans of classic melodic death metal, especially for those who love the sound that comes out of countries like Sweden. With them only forming in 2019, and of course the lack of opportunities to play live in 2020, I’m very curious to see how far this band will go from here.

Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Germany

Reviewed by Kayla Hamilton

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