Empyreal Sorrow: Release new Single/Video Cursed Be The False Promise

Like a hammer into your face – the new single Cursed Be The False Promise by Melodic Death Metal outfit EMPYREAL SORROW is taking no prisoners right from the brutal start. The opening track from the upcoming new 4-track EP HARM(ONY) WITHIN is a flaming hate speech against organized religious groups, promising and dictating their blinded followers „the only way“ to salvation and to live. This song breathes the spirit of Black Metal while still maintaining the typical EMPYREAL SORROW style – aggression paired with epic melodies.

Music: Martin Hofbauer

Texte: Martin Hofbauer & Sebastian Moser

Produktion: Grotesque Studios, Bad Wörishofen

Remix: LXEKR (Pearlsound Studio, Gilching), Originalversion “A Night Without Armour” vom Album „PRÆY“ (Release November 20, 2020)


01 – Cursed Be The False Promise

02 – Heartfelt Disease

03 – No Absolution

04 – Night Re-Armoured (LXEKR-Remix)

The Ep will be released on the 24th of December 2021.
Get the EP & merch at their band’s Bandcamp page or at the band’s webstore.
Harm(ony) Withinhttps://snd.click/ebyf