Metal Roos is an Australian based online webzine dedicated to supporting and promoting metal & heavy music.

Metal Roos was established in 2013 by German native, Michael Lueders, with the ongoing support of his wife Anja. After immigrating to Australia, Michael developed the idea of promoting and supporting the underground world of metal. Since then ‘Metal Roos’ has stayed true to its Aussie focus and underground roots, while still covering what the mainstream world of metal has to offer. The webzine is a testament to his ongoing enthusiasm and love for the genre. Michael, who is best described as a true ‘metalhead’, is a dedicated, genuine person who revels in the success of others.

With the help of his ever growing team of contributors, they passionately listen and review, attending and photographing every gig they can, posting on the webzine and social media about the thing they universally love. Metal. As the crew and the webzine has grown, so has their reach, making even international bands a focus. However their hearts will always be in the place where it all started. The underground. The raw and exciting sound of those who are often largely unheard, yet so deserving of exposure and support.


Metal Roos is content driven, with a strong focus on supporting local music. While the bigger acts will always have it’s place, Metal Roos places particular importance on the smaller acts kicking around in the underground music scene. Despite Metal Roos being based in Australia, in this global world we live in that is all inter-connected with each other, we cover all territories worldwide to help showcase the underground scene no matter where it is.

Our content features interviews with various acts that help readers get some insight into the band. We also feature reviews, both in music releases and the live show. From international tours to the local gig at the corner pub, to independent releases and major labels, we cover it all. Plus we report on all the latest in the world of music with the latest press releases and upcoming news.



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