Evilcult: Release Official Video Drunk by Goat’s Blood

The first official video clip of the Speed​/Black/Thrash Metal band Evilcult has just been released for the track Drunk by Goat’s Blood. Present at the debut At the Darkest Night, the song was chosen because it is exciting and demonstrates the various influences of Lucas “From Hell” (guitar/vocal) and Mateus “Blasphemer” (drums). The video was produced by Maicon Benato of Nitro Sound & Vision, with the support of Cosmic Music studio and Ferrovia Live bar.

According to Blasphemer’s explanation, the video was filmed as if it were a band show, with the ideal stage setting. From Hell explains: “The idea for this first video clip was to present only the band playing, with feeling, attitude, a cool visual, and an attractive stage setting, with smoke, candles, chains and everything related to METAL. We want to show the image of the band in addition to the sound, which for us is also very important and necessary. We opted for a clip in the old style of filming because it combines with the band’s musical proposal and also to bring the nostalgia of the classic videos that were on TV and made me go deeper into Heavy Metal”.

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