Ewigkeit – 23 (EP Review)

Ewigkeit - 23

If you are of the camp that believes that heavy metal has lost its way, then you may want to invest in this release. With darker lyrical content, heavy and driving guitars, almost hauntingly hypnotic vocals and a real simple song structure- EWIGKEIT really captures the essence of what made heavy metal, heavy metal. An almost Black Sabbathesque sound and sultry vocals that were evident in metal decades previously- EWIGKEIT has really brought something interesting with XIII.

Not the most overly complex musically, it shows that there is beauty in simplicity. Tracks like God’s Lightning and 23 pick up the pace a little and are just really solid heavy metal songs. Bring the Eschaton and Black Space Suits really highlight the depth of the vocals, letting them caress the simple guitar riffs. The drum lines are absolutely on point, with fun little fills in all the right places. By the time you get to the end track Gravity Train to Agartha and hit the faster breakdown of the track, you will be left quite satisfied with what this release has to offer.

There is not much else to say about this release though. If you are looking for a complex metal release that holds itself with a little pretension or even just a fun record to headbang and sing along to, this is not it. Rather it is one of those releases that you just let wash over you when you just need some great heavy metal in your ears.

Release Year: 2020
Label: Death to Music Productions
Category: EP
Country: UK

Reviewed by Kayla Hamilton

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