EWIGKEIT – Out of the Woods (EP Review)

Release Date: July 26th 2022 - Death To Music Productions

Ewigkeit (Eternity) is the project of James Fogarty, and his intention has always been to create original music with an extreme edge from early black metal beginnings to more experimental later works. Ewigkeit existed from 1994 until 2007 and was then reborn in 2012. ‘Out of the Woods’ is part of 12 songs that began during time spent with the act In the Woods from 2015 until 2021.  For no particular project, three of these demoed tracks are what make up ‘Out of the Woods’.

Another rebirth? It is a look into further developing an artist’s consciousness. From the opening sounds of the purely heavy “Evergreen” it is a majestic track so gloriously heavy with an element of doom and some excellent soulful clean singing and of course the despairing screams and the extreme flourishes. It is dynamic and rich in texture and emotion. And that riff, that riff!

“The Wolf Returns” is a combination of power metal meets more folklore arrangements. Again, the rich timbre of the clean vocals soars above it all as it moves into a far heavier direction with the experimental instrumental touches. “Namestealer” combines the traditional with melody and the ability to further prove how heavy music can truly be. Rather than a collection of tracks “Out of the Wood” feels complete and cohesive. Haunting, demanding another listen

Dark, rich, and intoxicating ‘Out of the Woods’ is what could have been and hopefully what can still be, it is of things discovered and until the other nine tracks are revealed a prelude of incredible potential.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Death To Music Productions
Category: EP
Country: UK

Reviewed by Sparky