EYE OF PURGATORY – The Light House (Album Review)

EYE OF PURGATORY is a Swedish death metal band that formed back in 2018. The Lighthouse is their second album and will be released on June 18th via Transcending Obscurity Records. This trio includes Rogga Johansson, who is and has been heavily involved in a number of Swedish metal projects over the years since 1994. I believe this is the 4th project he’s been involved in this year! The guy’s been busy!

The Lighthouse features 9 tracks that blend an old school death metal approach with some subtle elements of melody as well. The first track And From The Fog is a cool atmospheric type intro, going for just over a minute, and then slams straight into blast beats at the beginning of The Lighthouse. I love the riffs in this album, and they manage to balance darkness, groove and heaviness with an overall atmospheric vibe in some parts also. The standout song on the album for me, at first listen, would have to be Carved In Stone. That middle section clean tone guitar that transitions into the heavy head-banging interlude I loved. Right up my alley.

This album has all the elements I think any death metal fan will enjoy. There are all the core aspects you might expect from a Swedish death metal band, and the production is brilliant also. While not reinventing the wheel, or doing anything that really stands out, it doesn’t take anything away from it being a great, solid release. I’ll certainly be checking out some more of these guy’s, as well as some of Rogga’s other projects!


  1. And From The Fog
  2. The Lighthouse
  3. Forever To Awaken
  4. Carved In A Stone Bleeding
  5. Pieces Of A Fading World
  6. They Silently Await
  7. Where Slowly Life Fades
  8. Rotting Pathways
  9. Rebirther


Release Year: 2021
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Category: Album
Country: Sweden/USA

Reviewed by Chris Long

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