In Arkadia – Eyes Of The Archetype (Album Review)

In Arkadia - Eyes Of The Archetype

In Arkadia are a French Deathcore band. Being around for 6 years they have released 3 studio albums and have been pretty successful. Their last release was Eyes of Archetype.

The opening track is Behold the Whore. From the very start, you can sense that this band adds a mix of Metalcore into their playing. The songs flow really well and everything works together from drums to guitar to the vocals. And there are even a few cool guitar solos put in the album which really spice it up. All in all, this album is pretty strong the songs are well written and they flow.

There aren’t too many negative things to say about Eyes Of The Archetype. The biggest one would have to be that even though this album is well written, it doesn’t stand out in an overcrowded market that’s flooded with deathcore and metalcore bands. If In Arkadia wants to take themselves to the next level, they really need to so that they are different from everyone else. One of the possible ways of taking their music to the next level would be making some of the lyrics more mature e.g. Behold the Whore, Flying Firecunt Guillotine, and Orgasmophobia.

Overall the album is what you would expect when you pick up a Deathcore album. No surprises just an average Deathcore with a little bit of Metalcore mixed into it.

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Release Year: 2013
Label: M & O Music
Category: Album
Country: France

Reviewed by Adam Orlowski