EYES WIDE OPEN Unveils New Single Video “Watch You Bleed”

EYES WIDE OPENEyes Wide Open, the dynamic metal band hailing from Karlstad, Sweden, has just unveiled their latest single, “Watch You Bleed”, out now via Arising Empire!

This track reaffirms their commitment to carrying the torch of the Swedish melodic death metal legacy, while seamlessly incorporating contemporary metalcore elements. The band’s innovative approach is evident in the fusion of infectious melodies, formidable drumming, and vigorous rhythms, all complemented by a diverse vocal range.

Watch You Bleed epitomizes Eyes Wide Open’s dedication to forging a distinctive metal style, one that respects its roots while boldly embracing new influences. This release is a testament to their ability to evolve the genre, making it a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike.

Watch their official video here: