Finnish melodic death metallers Voidfallen release single/video “Starved Of Martyrs”


Melodic death metallers Voidfallen have unleashed an intense new single, “Starved Of Martyrs“, a first taste of the upcoming album the band is currently working on. The track is accompanied by a brand new and captivating music video, which you can watch below.

Commenting on the new single, Voidfallen states: “Starved of Martyrs is a fast and relentless track that adds almost a thrashy feeling to the band’s otherwise blackened melodeath sound palette. The theme of the song revolves around the toxic glorification of living in misery.”

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, and formed in 2019 as a two man project by guitarists Tommi Kangaskortet and Henri Vuorenmaa, the goal has always been to learn from previous mistakes and to create music with no compromises. After recording the band’s debut EP titled The Sinners, the Plague and the Voidfallen (2019) the remaining slots were filled with skilled musicians in order to prepare for live shows and ever since, Voidfallen has been making a fast-growing name for itself.

But not only musically in terms of quality of compositions and production, this band has always paid lots of attention to the visual aspects, taking the melodeath genre to new heights with their dark approach and stunning visual effects.

Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse (2021), Voidfallen caught the attention of German record label Noble Demon, with whom the band will release their highly anticipated sophomore full-length record in early 2024.