FIREWÖLFE – Conquer All Fear (Album Review)

FireWölfe is a heavy metal band from the USA formed in 2010, releasing their self-titled debut album in 2011. The band’s second album ‘We Rule The Night’ emerged in 2014, with the third album ‘Conquer All Fear’ a 2021 release.

Dogged by numerous line-up changes, FireWölfe has managed to survive the seven years of uncertainty since their previous album, bouncing back stronger than ever with ‘Conquer All Fear’. Featuring ten heavy-hitting songs, the new album is a powerhouse of melodic metal, catchy choruses, and infectious rhythms. The album bursts into life with the fast-paced traditional metaller ‘Vicious As The Viper’. Uptempo and infectious, ‘Vicious As The Viper’ brings a touch of melodic power metal to the album’s opener, opening up the band’s sound to a very wide audience. ‘Pedal To Metal’ thunders into life with a screeching of tires sound effect, proceeding to gallop forth at a cracking head bang-able pace. And the chorus chant of “pedal to the metal, never to settle, pedal to the metal” is gonna be loved by an in concert crowd. That’ll be one of those participation moments you’ll wanna be a part of.

The album’s title song ‘Conquer All Fear’, slows the electrifying pace to an anthemic foot stomp – all bombastic swagger and booming thunder. ‘Conquer All Fear’ (the song) retains the melodious intent the album began with, just delivered at a different pace. With its NWOBHM sounding guitars, ‘Swallow My Pride’ is a melodic romp of traditional heavy metal, highly infectious and overly catchy. ‘Swallow My Pride’ is head bangingly addictive, standing tall and proud in the melodic metal genre yelling ‘come rock with me’. Shifting their style, FireWölfe slides into ballad territory with ‘Candle In The Dark’, a mellow meander through lighters held aloft and a sea of swaying bodies. Now regular readers may wonder why I’m not expressing my “ballads are for rock albums not metal albums” opinion – well, the highly melodic nature of the bands sound, the “rock” rather the “metal” style of the band’s singer, and the previous songs kinda transitioning the albums feel from metal to rock, it felt so natural that we were heading for a ballad. So natural in fact, that it was expected, fitting so sweetly into place that it has not angered me in any way shape, or form. Very well done FireWölfe, very well done.

The album’s centrepiece is the three-part ‘The Evil Eye Trilogy’, spanning an incredible twelve minutes. The first part ‘Wages Of Sin (The Evil Eye Trilogy Pt. 1)’, is a thunderous romp of all-out heavy metal – returning the glorious traditional feel the album began with. Actually heavier than anything heard so far, ‘Wages Of Sin (The Evil Eye Trilogy Pt. 1)’ is a Judas Priest styled head bang-able gallop. The second part ‘Black And Gold (The Evil Eye Trilogy Pt. 2)’ is a more up-tempo, and again heavier gallop of traditional heavy metal – the footwell and truly planted on the monitor. The third and final part ‘Keep The Hounds At Bay (The Evil Eye Trilogy Pt. 3)’ maintains the traditional feel of part two, albeit injecting a more melodic feel.

As the album moves into the final stretch, ‘Magic (In Your Mind)’ displays a different inspiration – still heavy metal, still power metal, yet a distinct British hard rock bluntness. The kind of bluntness you can hear on any of the early eighties Whitesnake albums – at a time when the band was actually considered metal! FireWölfe has done an amazing job here, even it was unintentional, as ‘Magic (In Your Mind)’ heavy hits its way to an emphatic finish. Bringing the album to a close is the up-tempo, energetic, and highly melodic fast paced ‘Method To The Madness’. A final hurrah to please the headbangers of the world, FireWölfe ends their third outing very much on a high.

Overall, a majestic gallop around the genres of heavy, and power metal, FireWölfe deliver an infectious and highly memorable listening experience.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Limb Music
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, Metal Gods TV, and Metal-Roos.