French gore grind outfit Gronibard reveal new album details & first single


The laziest band on earth has written a new album that nobody asked for! French gore grind outfit GRONIBARD will release their new full-length, ‘Regarde les Hommes Sucer,’ on May 20, 2022 via Season of Mist. Much to the dismay of music elitists and those with refined auditory tastes, the band is now sharing the first single “Fast Gays of Humanity” which can be heard via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel below.

GRONIBARD comment: “After 14 years, we are proud to announce that we finally found how to tune our guitars (we expect at least 20 additional years for bass for obvious reasons). We are proud to share with you a preview of our new album, ‘Regarde les hommes sucer.’ The label asked us to say that this is the album of maturity and our best album so far. But let’s be honest, this song (which opens the album) absolutely doesn’t reflect the whole album, everything else sounds like Meshuggah.”

‘Regarde les Hommes Sucer’ can be pre-ordered HERE and pre-saved across digital streaming services HERE.

Clean your underwear, Gronibard is back! After 14 years of deafening silence that nobody has necessarily missed, the grindcore quintet returns with ‘Regarde Les Hommes Sucer’, a new album that smells of the anus and other delicate aromas. Faithful to its original values, Gronibard deliberately remains – given the limited skills of each of its members, this is in any case the communication strategy that the group has adopted – stupid and limited to what happens under the belt.

2022 might be a French presidential year, but the election lives in the shadows of Gronibard’s unsuspecting comeback, as the band are geniuses when it comes to going viral while making zero effort. Society has vastly changed since the band’s last album, ‘We Are French Fukk You’, which dropped 14 years ago. They too made changes to their lives, finally finding some women to impregnate.

From now on, social networks make the law, without too much discernment. The nuance is no longer relevant. No big deal, that was never really Gronibard’s main quality, any PhD student will agree. A fruitful brainstorm and a few beers end up removing the group’s last doubts. GRONIBARD then diligently leans on the adage of “the third album always being difficult.” Thanks to enormous groundwork (two to three rehearsals per year) and deep reflection on its musical direction (as good fans of Fad Gadget, they considered releasing a synthpop album before giving up), Gronibard is back with ‘Regarde Les Hommes Sucer’, its most successful album to date. All on an exceptional label: Season of Mist.

Stuck at the anal stage since its creation, the group finds itself in perfect harmony with these shitty times.  And this album then? ‘Regarde Les Hommes Sucer’ lasts 34 minutes and contains 16 short, compact, and fitting songs. Gronibard respects nothing and targets anything that moves, including itself. Among the many pieces of excellence, let us mention the conceptual “Mon siamois maléfique,” the boiling “L’enfer des zombites,” the fantastic “Sperm Smoker” or the very shady “Le monstre des zizis.”

Message to all headbangers: you are not done with having a headache. P.S. to fans of the band – hide your dongs well, Gronibard is back!



Gronibard - Regarde Les Hommes Sucer